May 24, 2024

Products and Services

Custom Application
Jennings-Gomer Equity offers custom application of pesticides, fertilizers and lime.  

We have three liquid machines one utilizes a 90' spray pattern and two feature 120' spray pattern.  Both of our Hagie machine has a 6' ground clearance which enables us to apply plant health products to tasseled corn.  

We have three dry machines to apply both dry fertilizer and lime products.  All are capable of spreading variable rates across a field, and one of our machines has dual compartments to apply two different products at variable rates simultaneously.

Rental Equipment
We have several NH3 toolbars available for anhydrous ammonia application.  All the 11 knife and larger toolbars are equipped with Raven flow meters and Raven 440 controllers for a simpler more accurate delivery of NH3. They will also link up with most farm controllers and allow for a VRT application of NH3.

We have several liquid 28% applicators for post applied 28%.  One is equipped with a fungicide and nutrient spray system.

We have several dry fertilizer units for dry fertilizer applications.  We have two dry fertilizer units that are row-crop capable that will allow for an in-crop application of dry nitrogen.

Prescription Farming

VRT (Variable Rate Technology)

We offer grid sampling as a starting point to utilizing VRT to get more effective use out of our dry broadcast fertilizer and lime applications.

We offer variable rate mapping for NH3.  Applications of NH3 can be varied across a field depending on soil type and or yield zones to help increase production and reduce costs.

We are also looking into developing a program to utilize VRT with seeding rates to get better utilization out of the best yield zones in a field.
Grain Hauling

We offer off the farm grain hauling for you convenience.  Call any of the branches to make arrangements for hauling.

Nutri-solutions Program

We offer tissue sampling that helps identify nutrient deficiencies before those deficiencies become yield limiting.  This is a joint effort with Winfield Solutions to help identify nutrient deficiencies across the region and tailor specific foliar nutrient recommendations for each field.

Field Lay-Out Program

We will assist in making hybrid and variety recommendations for each field, based on each fields given strengths and weaknesses.  This is available to anyone who uses seed corn, beans, or wheat products from any of the companies we work with.

Field Scouting Program

We are in the process of developing a field scouting program.  We will scout a field or multiple fields at given times through-out the year.  It can be as simple as once a year for weed control, or any number of times in a given growing season, covering everything from insect populations to disease infestations, and everything in-between.  Each scouting trip will come with a report based on what is found, and if something needs to be rectified, the best recommendations to solve the issues at hand.  This program will be customized for each individual, based on each individuals wants and needs.

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